The Bell Tolls

By Joel Rollins, CTS-R

Well, for whom DOES the bell toll, then?

Last month, I took issue with many of my colleagues over the prediction of the “death of the projector.” While I agreed with the overall point that there are great, and in many ways more useful, new technologies for display coming to market, I disagreed over the pace with which changes would happen. I especially disagree on the swiftness of this issue when it comes to the rental end of the business, and I went on to detail my reasons why, in the rental end of the business, we’d be using projectors for a long time to come.

But that act of rebuttal can take a heavy toll on a columnist, so I’m here this month to atone for it. You see, it seems to be important that we ALL predict the death of SOMETHING. Just ask Jean Dixon. But I’m not going to follow her example of predicting the death or divorce of 50 famous people each year. I consider the approach cheating, since the odds against that number of celebrities remaining intact for a year are statistically in her favor. If you predict enough things, SOME of them will be right.