Think Bigger With Zoom Rooms

We all know that Zoom Rooms, Zoom’s revolutionary software-based conference room system, is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized rooms such as huddle and conference rooms. But did you know that Zoom Rooms is just as amazing for your larger rooms?

Regardless of room size, Zoom Rooms brings powerful, versatile functionality including video and audio conferencing, wireless content sharing, and calendar integrations. Because Zoom works with any off-the-shelf hardware, it can expand to meet the needs of any room size, meeting size, or use case. With support for up to three screens that can be mounted for optimum viewing from all angles, and multiple cameras that bring wide-angle video coverage, and various speaker/mic options for clear audio regardless of room size, Zoom Rooms can be customized for every room and use case. Let’s look at some specific examples…

  • Boardrooms: Regardless of how many people are in a meeting, Zoom Rooms always provide high definition audio, video, and content sharing. Zoom Rooms can also include remote participants across mobile, desktop, and other conference room platforms. Executives will find content sharing easy – they just click Share Screen on their Zoom laptop client or mobile app to share their presentation.
  • Lecture Halls: Use Zoom Rooms for easy broadcasting and recording of lectures. Zoom Rooms makes it easy for both students and lecturers to share academic material on the screen, and students can engage from home via video, audio, messaging, Q/A, polling, and in video breakout rooms.
  • Enterprise Training Rooms: Zoom Rooms is the perfect solution for hosting large-scale employee training workshops and seminars. With video breakout rooms and live polling, connecting new hires from different offices has never been easier!
  • All-Hands Spaces: Create a central hub for your employees. A common area for mingling can vastly increase productivity and help employees exchange ideas. And when it comes time for all-hands, this space can unite the company – both the participants in the Zoom Room, and those joining via our cloud communications platform.

Need a Zoom Room catered to your unique space and needs? The Zoom Rooms Professional Services team is always working to create new and innovative Zoom Rooms layouts and designs far beyond your expectations. Our team of product managers and engineers can conduct site surveys, recommend specialized hardware such as drop microphones and digital conference phones, and provide on-site training. Sign up for a free consultation today!