Three DPI TITAN Projectors Now Certified for Portrait Mode

titan_0409Digital Projection International announced this week that the TITAN HD 600, sx+ 700 and 1080p-700 models have completed full qualification for portrait use in either dual or single lamp operation. By simply rotating these models onto their side, DPI customers can project content in portrait orientation, creating impactful imagery through aspect ratios that are taller then they are wide – and 8,000-10,000 ANSI lumens per image.

Portrait Applications are growing in popularity as creative projection is eye-catching when walking a trade show, museum floor or in retail.  A lot of people just assume you can turn any projector on to its side, but you can’t because heat from the lamp will potentially cause massive damage since it can’t dissipate properly from the enclosure.

DPI has some creative vertical-projection applications you can see here (it’s a zip file, but we’ve tested it – it’s bug-free):