Three-Year-Old Highfive Takes the Videoconferencing World By Storm


A company you likely have never heard of, Highfive, is stealing most of your videoconferencing sales — at least in September and October, that is.

The three-year-old company is focused on product-based (not cloud-based) videoconferencing and does it by first selling (direct or through resellers) an all-in-one camera-bar system (appropriately called the Highfive device) that includes a 120-degree HD camera, an integrated VTC-CPU, a long-range noise-cancelling mic array, a license-free software bundle and wireless projection system. Yes, wireless.


They sell an optional audio box that’s basically a 360-degree speaker array that you set in the room and is powered by something Dolby has branded as Dolby Voice. Dolby, themselves, are claiming it blows away any other audio conferencing system.

Well, you’ll have to read about it yourself, but, this is an interesting solution. And, if you want to learn more or become a reseller, go here.