Tidebreak Brings New Collaboration Products to InfoComm

Tidebreak has two collaboration products, both shown at InfoComm, that provide more of an organized method for workgroups and classes to receive and share information. These are basically client-server systems that work over private local network, or LAN, wired or wirelessly.

TeamSpot lets individuals display information onto the large-screen display (LCD, plasma or projector) that is central to the collaboration group without needing to plug cables directly into the display. The software handles the interaction; the Host server, connected to the display, manages the interaction within the TeamSpot workgroup. Client software is loaded onto each laptop. Users can then control the Host, share files, URLs and text with others, and keep an active record of the team’s activities. They can also use their computers privately while still interacting with the rest of the group and the Host computer. The new version 3.2 has integrated whiteboard capture.

ClassSpot works basically the same way. ClassSpot-equipped rooms enable any student to instantly share their work. They can send files or websites over the network to any large display system in the room — or to anyone else in the class. With mouse control gesture, faculty or students can directly interact with the materials on the screen, making it easy for anyone in the class to contribute new ideas to the discussion. ClassSpot even automatically creates a session record of the materials shared, a record that can be stored on personal laptops or in an online course repository.