TOA Launches New Line Array for Commercial Apps

The issue of intelligible voice reinforcement in modern commercial buildings continues to haunt acoustical consultants, audio installers and contractors alike as buildings go through continuous contemporary updates with high ceilings, no ceilings and even amorphous shapes.  TOA has unveiled the Type H — an all-new series of line arrays designed to fit into the smallest of gaps, the most unusual of interior designs, the most reflective of environments, as well as the tightest of project budgets.

There are four models in the Type H range, each based on the same 7cm full-range drive unit. The SR-H2L uses nine of these drivers, while the taller SR-H3L uses 18. Both are also available (as the SR-H2S and SR-H3S respectively) with a front that curves downwards towards its bottom edge, rather than a flat front, for applications where listeners closer to the speakers are also lower than those behind them — an auditorium with a floor that slopes down toward the stage, for example.

Finished in white, all four models measure just 84mm across — making them TOA’s slimmest-ever line array and ensuring that they remain visually unobtrusive in any application. Using the flat-front variants, two arrays can be coupled together for coverage of particularly large areas, while a range of purpose-designed mounts and brackets enables the enclosures to be wall-mounted, tilted, rigged, flown, or free-standing.