Top-10 Tour Feature #4: Digital Audio Labs (DAL) Livemix Personal Monitoring System (Booth 1380)

DAL_LIVEMIX_CS_NS-0613Over this week, we’ll be previewing all the rAVe Top-10 Tour Winners. Each product highlighted will be on rAVe’s 2nd Annual Top-10 Tour at InfoComm. The rAVe Top-10 Tour is NOT a “pay for play” tour or product preview (like MOST AV publications do). These 10 products were selected from over 70 submissions from InfoComm 2013 exhibitors. Of those 70, these are the 10 we thought you NEED to see at the show – and if you’re not able to go to InfoComm, the products featured here will give you a good overview of what you missed:

DAL’s Livemix personal monitoring system is made up of three components. The Livemix AD-24 provides 24 channels of analog to digital conversion. DB25 and TRS connections make integration with existing sound systems easy. Digitized audio is sent over a single Cat5 cable using DA-LINK technology to the Livemix MIX-16. These units process audio and distribute the streams along with power to Livemix CS control surfaces via Cat5 cables.

Hands-on mixing is performed on the Livemix CS DUO. Each control surface provides two individual mixes and frequently used functions are assigned to dedicated knobs for “always available” access. Shared illuminated buttons and a full color touchscreen provide access to channel selection and additional mix tools.

Fully configurable or preset selected equalization and dynamics are available on each of the 24 channels, plus reverb and limiting on the master channel outputs. Additional features include built-in stereo ambient microphones, intercom, auxiliary input, optional volume control via foot pedal and USB recording. The Mirror Mix function allows any control surface in the system (including a tablet) to access any personal mix.

Key Livemix personal monitoring system features include:

  • Two mixes per control surfaces with audio and power over Cat5 cables reduces stage clutter and cable runs.
  • Dynamics and EQ on each of 24 channels ensure that each instrument is heard clearly and has a place in the mix.
  • Built-in stereo ambient microphones add back ambient noise and audience feedback that get lost when using in-ear monitors.
  • Mirror Mix allows any musician or engineer to help adjust a mix for another user.
  • The touchscreen user interface is designed to be easy for volunteers to learn and use with access to professional level tools for the audio professional.