Tributaries Improves Slim HDMI Cables By Making Them Slightly Thicker

Tributaries just announced a major upgrade to the UHDS Slim line of HDMI cables. All UHDS cables are now certified 18Gbps by DPL Labs and the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) — 18Gbps certification ensures 4K compatibility, enabling High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Deep Color.

By increasing the wire gauge slightly from stranded 36AWG to solid 32 AWG, Tributaries UHDS are all now able to support 18Gbps passively from ½ meter through 2 meters while maintaining a slim flexible design. Why is passive such a big deal? In addition to incompatibility issues with other electronics, active cables are directional and will not work if reversed. The active end of the cable must be connected to the display and requires power to supply the on-board electronics; typically, these cables harvest their power from unused TMDS voltages. This method works well as long as the source which drives the 5V line has an adequate output. If the source voltage is too low, it will draw down the vital 5-volt line.

Passive cables are bi-directional and voltage agnostic, making any installation simpler and more stable. Increasing the wire gauge resulted in a minor cable O.D. increase of less than 1mm maintaining the cable’s slim profile. Ideal for rack systems where multiple cables are bundled and dressed and installations where flexibility and a minimum bend radius is required the UHDS fulfills the promise of ease of installation.

The new improved UHDS Slim are available now in 1/2 meter, 1 meter, 1.5 meter and 2 meter, which replace the original models. The 3-meter and 4-meter lengths have been discontinued. More information is here.