Tripleplay Releases Caveman 1.1 Digital Signage Update

As part of its latest software release, Caveman 1.1, Tripleplay now supports the delivery of digital signage and IPTV to AVNU PF series with BrightSign Built-in and Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform version 5 (Tizen 3) as well as support for the Tripleplay Interactive IPTV Portal for the Samsung HF series Hospitality Smart TV.

AVNU PF Series is a range of tablet and touch displays powered by the BrightSign Built-in module. These models range from 10” up to 32” and come in both standard and interactive touch formats. Tripleplay can deliver both digital signage and IPTV to these devices. Samsung Smart Signage Platform v5 is the latest model of the digital signage device, which Tripleplay delivers IPTV with digital signage to using Lynk DRM encryption and without an external media player or set top box. Samsung HF Series Hospitality Smart TV is the latest model of Samsung smart TV aimed at the hotel and accommodation sector and can be used to deliver Tripleplay’s Interactive IPTV Portal solution without the need for a media player or set top box.

Caveman 1.1 has now been released and is available to new and existing clients – more specifics are here.