Vaddio Adds Multiview Outputs to ProductionVIEW HD MV Camera Control Console

vaddio-productionview-0112Vaddio has announced new enhancements to its ProductionVIEW HD MV all-in-one camera control console with multiviewer capabilities, digital inputs/outputs, HD, RGBHV and SD video mixing, transitions, lower screen graphics and automated control functionality.

New Multi-View Input Screens allow the user to select between screen layouts that display four, five or six inputs, along with Preview/Program outputs and video thumbnail presets. With Vaddio’s TeleTouch touch screen monitors, all live video feeds can be accessed and up to 12 video thumbnail presets can be created, recalled and stored by simply touching the monitor. The thumbnails are a snapshot of what the camera preset shot looks like, to make storing and recalling presets even easier. Simply touch a thumbnail and the camera will pan, tilt and zoom to that position.

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