Vaddio Ships GroupSTATION

vaddio-groupstation-1013Vaddio says that GroupSTATION makes it easy to create BYOD-ready meeting rooms by providing a single solution that connects to the user’s device. The Vaddio solution includes the necessary peripherals to create a high-quality multi-use room and group collaboration experience: an HD PTZ camera, loudspeakers, microphones and a control dock. Users simply connect personal devices to the GroupSTATION or HuddleSTATION control dock via a USB or HDMI connection and begin using their favorite collaboration tools.

Employees can collaborate remotely with PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, engage in high definition videoconferencing using Skype, Microsoft Lync, WebEx or any other application, as well as record meetings for review and provide record keeping of participants who could not attend the meeting. Users can also use SIP-based Voice over IP (VoIP) for multi-person audio conferencing or stream videos over IP using YouTube, Vimeo or any other application of their choice.

It’s that simple: Whatever device employees want to use, whatever operating system they have, whatever way they want to collaborate, and whatever application they want to use — they can.

The Vaddio GroupSTATION details are here.