VESA Finishes DisplayPort v1.2 Spec

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) unveilsVESA_DisplayPort-0310 DisplayPort Version 1.2, the comprehensive extension to the original DisplayPort standard with many new benefits:

  • 2x the maximum data transfer rate from DisplayPort v1.1a (10.8 Gbps to 21.6 Gbps) for higher performance 3D stereo displays, higher resolutions and color depths, and faster refresh rates
  • multiple monitor support from a desktop or notebook computer using only one DisplayPort connector
  • and the ability to transport USB data between a PC and Display, supporting Display USB functions such as a webcam and USB hub.

DisplayPort v1.2 is backward compatible with existing DisplayPort v1.1a systems, including existing cables and the Mini DisplayPort connector.

DisplayPort v1.2 supports “multi-streaming” for protected content and high performance apps such as 3D gaming. This enables the use of multiple monitors connected by cable in a daisy chain or hub configuration.

While the current standard supports one 2560×1600 monitor at 60Hz, DisplayPort v1.2 can support two such monitors with one cable, or four 1920×1200 monitors. Many other combinations are possible, including multiple video sources, multiple displays (even at different resolutions) and multiple audio speakers.

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