Video Clarity Announces ClearView Venue Player DisplayPort

Video Clarity today announced the launch of ClearView Venue Player DisplayPort (DP), a video server that is spec’d to automatically plays multiple uncompressed RGB video segments to multiple screens in precise timing and sequence via the DP interface. ClearView Venue Player DP is designed for theme parks, live events, staged shows, exhibits and other environments that rely on repeated, synchronized video playback for entertainment and display.

The ClearView Venue Player DP offers from 2 terabytes up to 32 terabytes of storage and up to four channels of fully uncompressed 2K or three channels of 4K video on four DisplayPort outputs. In large venue applications that use multiple source-video signals to create one large image, image blending is included as well a the capability to manipulate the image for a curved screen or wall.

Users have browser-based control over configuration and playback from a laptop or tablet via an IP network or Wi-Fi. Here are all the detailed specs.