Video Rants and rAVe: All These Dang Connectors & HDBaseT vs. AVB

gk-0613Gary’s popular Rants and rAVe video series is back! You may remember that in 2011 and 2012, he produced some hilarious, some serious, but all educational videos that addressed subjects like the GreenAV movement, reasons to hire young people, how HomeAV is infiltrating the ProAV market and his disdain for 3D.

All in all, over the course of a year and a half, he made nine Rants and rAVe videos that garnered thousands of video views and you can see the entire archive here.

And, how he’s back with two totally new Rants and rAVes:

Episode 10: All These Connectors: Everyone will love this one (and identify with it) as it’s all about how everything seems to use a different, customized connector for all their gear. And, it’s not just us HomeAV’ers and ProAV’ers either – all sorts of consumer gear manufacturers use different connectors – heck, even Apple uses two different connectors for their iPhones. Well, he’s got a simple solution for all this – watch this video and see if you like his idea:

Episode 11: HDBaseT vs AVB: At this year’s InfoComm Show in Orlando, over 90 manufacturers showed gear integrated with either AVB or HDBaseT — or both! Switchers, Amps, speakers, projectors, monitors, control systems and all sorts of other ProAV gear (and some HomeAV gear) have decided to send signals via HDBaseT or using the AVB protocol. In this 11th Episode of his Rants and rAVes, Gary tell you how you can understand it all taking one simple 3-day course – watch it here: