Vinten Debuts Ceiling Track System for Cameras

Vinten today announced that its robotic camera dolly and ceiling track system will ship in the U.S. next month. A collaboration between Vinten Automation and veteran dolly manufacturer Tecnopoint, the new Vinten ceiling track system is designed for creative productions in which floor space is at a premium.

Like its sister product, the Hexagon floor track system, the new ceiling track system fully integrates with all Vinten robotic camera supports. The dolly, motorized column and robotic head natively interface with the Vinten control protocol and can be fully managed from the Vinten robotic control system (VRC) to create a powerful studio robotic solution. The track system supports shot sequencing, allowing users to select multiple shots and execute a seamless move through multiple key frames, and an absolute encoder outputs tracking data to the VRC, making the system ready for use in an augmented reality or virtual reality environment.

The new ceiling tracks are designed for flexible installation. The dollies run on steel rails mounted on a truss, while four traction wheels with dual synchronized motors enable high-traction operation with virtually no slipping. Available with straight or curved tracks, the system’s modular structure enables multiple configurations to fit any specification.

The quiet ceiling track system offers integrated cable management, so there are no cables outside the track. Cables move along the track with a festoon system, although a unique cable management system that uses a side vessel for chain cable is available for users who can’t accommodate a festoon.

All the specs are here.