Visix Launches Paper-White ePaper Room Signs

paper-white-eps-page-image-1024x505-jpg-1116Visix’s new second-generation electronic paper signs (EPS) are brighter and easier to read, even in low light areas. Paper-White EPS signs use E-Ink technology for a bright display background with low reflectivity and high readability, and allow for both black and red colors on-screen.

EPS signs are wireless, battery-powered and can be mounted virtually anywhere. Calendar changes are delivered throughout the day without any user intervention, so you no longer have to manage outdated paper schedules. And you can design custom faceplates to match your brand and décor, with virtually unlimited options for shapes, finishes and colors.

The signs are updated wirelessly via RF communication designed to minimize battery usage. A sign’s batteries are only activated when information changes, so batteries to last up to three years or 10,000 updates.

EPS room signs show data from most event management systems, including:

  • Microsoft Exchange and Exchange 365
  • EMS by Dean Evans & Associates
  • Google Calendars
  • R25/25Live by CollegeNET
  • Delphi by Newmarket

Here are all the details.