Vivitek Introduces NovoClassroom

vivitek-novoclassroomVivitek has just launched NovoClassroom, a tablet software package that helps with teacher/student interaction in the classroom. NovoClassroom is available on both the iOS and Android platform tablets and also integrates with other classroom technology, including interactive whiteboards and projectors. The system coordinates classroom interaction between teacher and students and incorporates presentation management, instant response and two-way annotation into its suite of features like:
  • Teaching mode – The teacher can stream content to all tablets in class.
  • Instant response mode – The teacher can distribute a test or quiz to all  tablets and once complete it can be sent back to the host where grading  is created instantly.
  • Projection from the tablet – This allows for more flexible teaching methods  and better classroom interactions can be designed.
  • Sharing annotations – Those made on student tablets can be shared with the  teacher and publicly projected at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Connect up to 40 tablets simultaneously, which covers the majority of technology requirements for primary and secondary school education.