Watch Gary Kayye’s 4K Keynote from the E4 Show and Get 1.5 InfoComm CTS RU Credits!

rAVe founder Gary Kayye just delivered his most popular keynote in the history of our company: 4K – No Myths, No Exaggerations, Just the Facts — yesterday at the Almo ProAV E4 AV Tour. Maybe it was simply a right place/right time kind of thing but, it has turned out to be the most popular keynote he’s ever done in the eight year history of the Almo E4 AV Tour. And, yesterday he streamed it, LIVE on Facebook, from the E4 Tour stop in Chicago and, since then, over 1,100 people have watched it!

Of course not even a 720p stream of the presentation comes close to the quality of 4K, so you won’t get the wow-factor that the live attendees had but, the content is still viable and, as we mentioned in the headline, you can earn 1.5 InfoComm CTS RU credits for watching (and taking a short, 10-question test at the end of it).

You can watch the recorded version of the LIVE stream here on Facebook here:

Image via Marilyn Roos photography