WiGig 10X Faster Than Wi-Fi

wga-logo_0509Intel, Microsoft Corp., Dell and Panasonic have formed a new association to create an even faster wireless technology. WiGig will be capable of transfers at 6 Gb/s, roughly fast enough to transmit the contents of a DVD in 15 seconds.

More than 10 times faster than Wi-Fi, and able to deliver HD video from computers and set-top boxes to TV sets, the range will be shorter than Wi-Fi. In fact, WiGig will work best within a room– and maybe an adjacent room as well. Ali Sadri, chairman of the newly formed Wireless Gigabit Alliance and an Intel executive, says WiGig is not a direct competitor to technologies like WirelessHD, and aims to link not just TVs, but cell phones, video cameras and PCs as well.

Both WiGig and WirelessHD will use the 6GHz frequency for extremely high transfer speeds at short ranges. The WiGig Alliance needs to complete specifications now and products may follow next year.

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