Wisdom Audio Announced Ship Dates and Pricing of Insight Series In-Wall Speakers

wisdom-product_insight-main-0312Wisdom Audio has just started shipping the new Insight Series of in-wall loudspeakers, which use newly-developed planar magnetic thin-film drivers and moving coil woofers. Unlike other Wisdom Audio speakers, the Insight Series utilizes traditional passive crossovers to allow use with a single amplifier channel per speaker. Four in-wall models will be offered in May/June 2012, followed by one in-ceiling model, two subwoofer options and on-wall variants later in the year.

The four models include:

  • P2i   3ohms   87dB     80-20kHz   650   100dB   for   $1250
  • P4i   6ohms   87dB     80-20kHz   650   103dB   for   $1750
  • P6i   4ohms   90.5dB  80-20kHz   400   104dB   for   $3000
  • L8i   4ohms   93dB      80-20kHz   350   106dB   for   $5000

Complete specs are here: http://www.wisdomaudio.com/products_insight-series.php