WPS Adds File Sharing, Presenting and Recording in iOS App

wps-ios-1116WPS Office Software today announced new features in the iOS version of its complete office productivity suite, offering iPhone users more file sharing, presenting and recording features.

WPS Office for iOS is part of the WPS Office Suite — an office productivity suite with Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets and a PDF reader — available for Windows and Linux PCs, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

The new features in WPS Office for iOS include:

  • File Transfer — File Transfer is a unique feature that allows users to send files to and from their computer and iOS device. Easily created by entering the IP address provided, into the computer’s browser — users simply drag and drop files from computer to iPhone, and those same files can be transferred back to the computer.
  • Wire Projection — The new Wire Projection capability turns an iOS device into a presenter. Using a wired connection and VGA/HDMI adapter, users can project a presentation from their iOS device to a TV/Projector/Display, enabling them to view it on a full screen that can be easily shared with others. The WPS Wire Projection has been optimized to ensure maximum resolution despite various Projector/TV screen size.
  • Wireless Projection — Wireless Projection helps those who don’t have a dongle for their iPhone or iPad. Users can simply send their presentations to any Smart Connect TV (DLNA) or Airplay device.
  • Record PPT — With Record PPT, users can create video content from presentations that can be posted to YouTube or delivered as webinars for example. From within Record PPT, a user selects a file and is then prompted to record his/her voice while presenting the slides. When finished, the recorded slides, along with any drawings/markings made by the user and the user’s voice, are saved as an MP4 file.

You can download it here.