X2O Media’s Portal Now Fully Integrated With Polycom RealPresence Media Manager

X2O Media recently announced that as part of the company’s new “Open Content Management Framework,” the X2O Portal is now fully integrated with the Polycom RealPresence Media Manager. Users can access video assets stored in the RealPresence Media Manager directly from X2O’s cloud-based content management tools, then schedule and deliver them to digital displays.

The Polycom RealPresence Media Manager is designed to streamline the processes, devices, and technology required to produce and distribute media effectively over existing IT infrastructures. The automated, end-to-end solution supports the complete content lifecycle of all video assets — from video capture and content management to viewer access and delivery across networks — regardless of source or format.

The X2O Portal is a comprehensive, cloud-based platform for managing and scheduling all content — including images, videos, graphics, and live data — from social media and other sources on digital signage networks of any size.

Want more details? Go here: http://www.x2omedia.com/press_releases_2012_05_15.asp