Zixi Announces Hitless Failover Between Many IP Video Types

Zixi claims hitless failover capabilities, which include a patent-pending, DNA-like resequencing algorithm in the latest version of the Zixi Platform. These new features allow hitless failover between non-uniquely identified multi-path streams from multiple contribution points, which can prevent missing and out of sequence packets and jitter. 

Zixi currently supports SMPTE protocol 2022-7, which is a working industry standard for Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) for videos that have uniquely identified and numbered packets. However, the media industry often has multiple video sources, many of which are not RTP.

Zixi’s latest product improvements solve the widespread problem for media companies who distribute at scale with multiple, asynchronous video streams. Whether packets are uniquely identified or numbered, or not, the Zixi Platform can now create one coherent stream out of multiple stream fragments. This new solution includes a patent-pending reconstruction algorithm that does not rely on unique identification. Instead, the Zixi Platform applies a multiple alignment algorithm that works much like DNA sequence alignment, to reconstruct the original sequence of IP packets that best recreates the original video stream.

Here are the specs.