Zoom Announces 215 Percent YoY Usage Growth

zoom-1016Are you Zoom-ing yet? If not, you will be soon. Zoom just announced 215 percent Y0Y (year-over-year) growth in usage and some major new features for their Zoom Rooms conference room system.

So what does “215 percent YoY growth in usage” mean? Rough translation: Zoom is on track to hit 15 billion (that’s billion with a B!) annual meeting minutes! Their president, David Berman, commented: “Zoom’s innovative solution is disrupting the traditional web and video conferencing markets. Our tremendous momentum is driven by the platform’s quality, reliability, and ease of use. With Zoom, organizations are simplifying their collaboration stacks for video conference rooms, executive offices, desktops, mobile devices and multiple use cases.”

He’s right. Unlike Skype, it’s a closed-system so it has a higher up-time and connectivity is simplified through their cloud-based codec and SaaS model.

Zoom also announced major enhancements to the Zoom Rooms conference room solution.

  • Intelligent Proximity with One-Click Share: Zoom Rooms will automatically detect your device, and with a single click you can share your content.
  • Automatic Audio Feedback Elimination: Noise canceling with proximity detection avoids meeting disruptions by automatically adjusting your computer audio when you’re in a Zoom Room.
  • Direct Sharing: Share the content from your computer screen directly over your local network to the room display. This saves on bandwidth and provides higher quality video.
  • Remote Room Management: Allows IT to save time by controlling peripherals and managing Zoom Rooms remotely.
  • IP PBX Call-in Support: Every Zoom Room can have its own phone number and accept incoming calls.
  • This makes Zoom Rooms perfect for executive offices and conference rooms.
  • Accessibility Support: Expanded accessibility features include closed captioning to display meeting text on conference room screens.

Here are all the specifics.