Zoom’s New H1n Handy Recorder Debuts

Zoom NA just launched the H1n, dubbed a Handy Recorder, as a portable audio recorder the can be used to capturing audio for film, music, podcasts and other applications.

The H1n’s design features a protective mic enclosure, an LCD screen, an analog-style gain control, built-in X/Y microphones and a stereo 1/8-inch mini phone jack mic/line input. An onboard limiter enables distortion-free recording up to 120 dB SPL and a new low-cut filter features selectable cut-off points and helps eliminate pops, wind noise, and other unwanted low-frequency rumble. Functions like Playback Speed Control and A-B Repeat provide flexibility during playback and an Overdubbing feature allows the user to layer audio. Auto-Record and Pre-Record settings mean audio is always captured at 24-bit/96 kHz while a Voice Emphasize filter is designed specifically for dictation. For filmmakers using DSLRs, the H1n is equipped with a Test Tone and Slate Tone generators to calibrate levels and mark audio start and stop points for easily syncing audio to video.

And, the whole system runs on two AAA batteries providing up to 10 hours of recording time.

The Zoom H1n Handy Recorder lists for $119.99. Here are all the specs.