Zuna: Simple, Elegant and Powerful Product Catalog iPad App

It is not often that one gets to see an amazingly simple, elegant and powerful (feature-packed) sales app that is enormously friendly to a non-technical user. And when you see one such app, the sheer simplicity attracts anyone.

Zuna, an iPad app built for business catalogs, analytics and sales, is one of these apps. Simple, clean, feature-rich and an all-encompassing app built for salespeople and companies with large product catalogs. Here’s what we think about the app.

Zuna Product Catalog iPad App

Simple, Easy and Non-technical

On the surface, Zuna is an app that can be called a product showcase app for the iPad. It’s elegant and easy to use – two important cornerstones in judging every app’s usability. Functions such as search, favorites, locations, quotes are quickly accessible. Any lay person can get started with the product catalog as a presentation – which is exactly why Zuna makes a good first impression. There is hardly a learning curve here.

Great Design, Interface and Presentation

Zuna Product Catalog App for iPad

When you are showing products to potential buyers, you want to make a good impression. This is why companies spend millions on brochure designs and presentations. Zuna’s design aesthetic closely follows a minimalist style that complements the functionality.

Zuna lets you showcase images, videos, full specifications, collaterals and more in a live and friendly interface. With easy controls and easier navigation, presenting products out of the catalog is just the way it should be.

This is the front-facing/end-point of the entire app and the developer has definitely created an app that lets you do product presentations well.

Enterprise Features

Zuna iPad App

What matters most to a salesperson using an iPad app is the ability to create, edit, manage and control large product catalogs easily. It doesn’t stop there: request-quotes need to be tracked and processed, analytics is a vital aspect, personalization and customization is required, and order have to be processed, tracked and followed-up.

Perhaps Zuna’s real power comes from the back-end which lets you control a lot of things. Essentially, this is what powers the front-end and it is equally important to make a note of all the features that ZunaHQ offers.

Features include customized csv exports, an API that connects to SAP, Magento etc. There’s a lot of offline support too which lets you use the app even when you are not connected to any network.

Features from the App Description:

  • Categorized product list
  • Extensive search functionality
  • Lots of product resources for maximum information
  • Marketing collateral with support for images, videos and extensive specs
  • Web-based CMS that lets you upload documents in PDF and other formats
  • Write order forms within the app in a single touch and easily check inventory at the same time
  • Sales reps can also get information on previous placed orders and the status of current orders
  • Place orders in offline mode also and they will sync to company server as device gets connected to internet
  • Place orders through Barcode and QR code scanner

Zuna plans are priced $39/month ($29/month if paid yearly) and it depends on device requirements. The $29/m plan is for all platforms (PC, iPad, Android, Windows etc.)

Price (app): Free
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