IPELA: Sony’s New HD IP Video Communications System

Sony introduced the IPELA, a high-definition IP-based video communications system at InfoComm. Sony says it’s specifically designed for broadcast and content creation applications.

The PCS-HG90 codec, combined with the PCSA-CHG90 pan-tilt-zoom camera, can transfer HD-resolution video and stereo audio over an IP network during on-air news interviews or in fixed camera applications like weather or traffic reports.

Sony expects that news organizations can quickly produce and air high-quality HD content, and easily do live HD program insertion during newscasts. Episodic program production also benefits from HD video transfer, says Sony, by sharing digital dailies for faster approvals or even simultaneously reviewing footage in real time among multiple sites.

The PCS-HG90 codec supports the H.264 HD video protocol with compression of 1280 x 720 at 30P or 60P, and a network video transfer bandwidth of up to eight Mbps.

The codec and the 3-CCD PCSA-CHG90 camera both feature HD-SDI capability to enable full digital transmission from capture through final display. The system can also deliver MPEG-4 AAC stereo audio, with stereo echo canceling capabilities.

The new HD video communications system provides connectivity options according to what system integrators will need — BNC for video and XLR for audio – and the codec can also be rack-mounted with optional side-rail brackets.

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