Whiteboard Mount for Logitech Scribe

Product SKU: H876-WT

On the go or on the wall

Whiteboard Mount for Logitech Scribe installs wherever you have your best ideas. Mount scribe to wall-mounted boards or free-standing whiteboards. If the top edge of your whiteboard is 72 inches above the ground, Whiteboard Mount positions Logitech Scribe at least 80 inches above the floor - creating ample head clearance and ADA compliance.

Through thick and thin

Whether your favorite whiteboard is made of glass or wood, we have you covered. Our mount adjusts to fit boards from 5mm to 25mm thick. The clamp's sliding plate and rubbery feet evenly distribute clamping pressure while gripping your whiteboard tightly.

Easy installation

Route the network cable, attach Logitech Scribe, and clamp our mount. Easy peasy. Share Logitech Scribe throughout your workspace with no need for tools or technicians.

Ready for a bumpy ride

Just in case your whiteboards travel across sidewalks, parking lots, or obstacle courses, we've included a tab that prevents Scribe from bouncing from its mounting plate.

Hides the cable

Scribe's network cable routes neatly and simply within Whiteboard Mount for a clean look from all angles.

Whats In the box

  • Heckler Whiteboard Mount for Logitech Scribe
  • Assembly tool
  • Installation instructions


Heckler SKU



Two years

Product Dimensions

13.1 x 4.5 x 2.6 inches

332 x 114 x 65 mm

Product Weight

1.26 lbs / 0.57 kg

Shipping Dimensions

13.5 x 4.6 x 2.8 inches

343 x 117 x 71 mm

Shipping Weight

2 lbs / 0.9 kg


Powdercoated Aluminum


Logitech Scribe

Free-standing, rolling, and wall-mounted whiteboards from 5mm to 25mm thick.

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