Beefed-Up Security Tags

at Slimmed-Down Pricing

Meet Forstag..


Padlock Slim

Padlock Ink


Hang Sell


Release Quicker

Forstag can be released quicker

'All-in-One' pin integration, offering major productivity gains when tagging and detagging merchandise by 30%.

Released Immediately. Just put the Forstag on the detacher and it's immediately released.

Forstag detaches quick and safely

Secure Yet Elegant

The tag doesn't interfere merchandise

Keep your Visual Merchandisers happy by using an elegant & secure security tag that will not detract from the merchandise it secures. 

The toughened metal arch resists cutting from scissors and side-cutters. This is great retail security for footwear, hand bags, accessories and more.

Padlock slim has a metal arch that resists cutting

Better Efficiency

Forstag detaches 70% faster than other tags

With the pin integrated into the design, 
the overall time to tag and detag goods is reduced.

Pins are integrated into the tag

Want to improve your security while improving staff productivity at an affordable cost?

" Leading solutions provides us with efficient and
professional day to day service, but excels in innovation,
continually looking to find ways to help us further.
Forstag is one example. "

Michael Hulme
National Loss Prevention Manager, Farmers

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