Our Story

Leading Solutions has built its reputation as an approachable kiwi company, flexible in its approach to finding the right solution and well known to be responsive to every client’s demand no matter how big or small that may be.

Since it’s conception, Leading Solutions has always striven to stay ahead of theft and in fact become known for being the principle supplier of lockable DVD cases for use in libraries and video rental stores who were suffering from an incredibly high rate of shrinkage.

This experience logically meant that the company become an expert in anti-theft solutions and soon entered the retail security EAS tags sector, quickly gaining notice and becoming the preferred partner for some of NZ’s largest and most prestigious retail chains, becoming valued for the approachability & knowledge of its staff.

As tablet technology has progressed, a new need for security arose, securing iPads & Tablets to be used in applications such as Point-of-Sale, Visitor Registration & Interactive Displays. However, security was not the only concern in the market, it also had to be elegant and discrete. Therefore, Leading Solutions began sourcing secure & sleek iPad & Tablet mounts that offered a high level of security as well as functionality. Now, 6 years on, Leading Solutions has built a reputation as not only experts in retail anti-theft solutions, but also in suppling commercial grade stands to create interactive kiosks using iPads & Tablets for every use case possible.

Nowadays, a natural progression of this sector has seen rapidly rising demand in using tablets to setup, control and host video conferencing Apps, such as Zoom, for use in business meeting rooms. Thus, a new range was launched focused exactly on this need to secure the tablets as a meeting room scheduler even on glass walls, the meeting room table to control the meeting or even with a unique AV cart system.

Leading Solutions is an Australian & New Zealand distributor, wholesaler & online retailer, founded in 2006 and led by Director, Sheri Whitmill