iPad/Tablet Floorstands

The ultimate standalone tablet display.

Floor Stands for Visitor Registration

Visitor Registration

Welcome people to your reception with a smart, and secure visitor management system. 

Floorstands are the perfect answer for unmanned (or manned) receptions, out-of-hours, or if you just need to save space. Our Floorstands are ergonomically designed to be at the perfect height for great user experience. 

Use Floorstands during event


Paper-based systems are old-fashioned and wasteful. Use iPad/tablets to capture and engage with your customers.

You only have so many employees during an event, with the help of our Floorstand as that extra person, capture and engage with more customers. Take pressure off staff during peak times and provide the kind of service your customer deserves.

Floor Stands as Self-Service kiosks

Self-Service Kiosk

Use iPads/Tablets as a Self-Servicing Kiosk. Transform your restaurant by improving your customer experience.

Pair an iPad with our Floorstand and use this as a self-service kiosk. Have less counter staff and more helping customers to create a better experience. With a self-service kiosk you get less customer complaints and more recommendations. 

Supported Tablets

If your tablet is not listed below, don't worry just let us know.

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