TOUCHBOARD for Education

Fully Integrated & Multi-Touch Display Panel

Touchboard is the ultimate all-in-one collaborative tool.

Options Available: 65", 75", 86" and 98" Screens 

Touchboard screens are available from 65'' to 98''

Digital Tools for Collaborative Learning Environments

Touchboard display solutions offers schools great flexibility that can really aid in the teaching process! Touchboard help teachers create an interactive and dynamic learning environment that will not only improve the efficiency of their lessons, but also increase effectiveness and student engagement. 

Young people have grown up receiving most of their news and entertainment information via some kind of digital screen -TV, mobile phones, tablets and computers. With this in mind, Educational Institutes are moving towards using Digital tools like a Touchboard Screen to efficiently and effectively aid students with their education.

TouchBoard Features

Android Interface

Android Interface

Upgradable Android operating platform, it's as easy to use like your smartphone or tablet.  It comes pre-loaded with a suite of specially selected apps to get you started right away.

Android Interface

Screen Projection

Collaborate by mirroring your screen flawlessly in real time. Multi-screen mirroring with student interaction while browsing and sharing files, videos and photos. Students can share their display from their devices, creating a collaborative environment.
Android Interface

Ultra-Clear 4K UHD Resolution

Provides readability from the front to the back of the classroom or lecture hall. Also has the ability to record classes or lectures, means no one will miss a beat. 
Android Interface

Warranty and Support

Peace of mind with our comprehensive 5 year warranty and support program. Protect your investment with our warranty and support commitment extending beyond the 5 years

Increase Student Participation During Class Discussions

Choosing a tool that allows multiple uses and users at any one time is critical in terms of the learning principle of Ako, which is the teaching and learning relationship where the educator is also learning from the student in a two-way process, thus removing the locus of control away from the teacher. Touchboard allows you to connect to a range of other classroom devices and solutions, as well as, to a teacher's laptop and allow for a wide variety of flexible curriculum content to be enabled in the classroom at any one time.

Touchboard Mounting Systems

Available in Mobile or Fixed Options

Toucboard has a variety of options when it comes to AV Carts and Mounts - Electric Lift, Fixed Height, and Wall Stands.

Upgrade learning collaboration and engagement in any classroom or educational setting by Mounting the Touchboard to a Mobile Cart. 



TouchBoard is available through an extensive network of authorized resellers and distributors.

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