Bouncepad Floorstand Slim

Bouncepad Floorstand Slim


The compact footprint of the Floorstanding Slim makes it ideal for fixed installations where space matters as much as style.

High On Impact Low On Footprint

With a robust yet streamlined base designed for permanent installation, you can present your website and apps seamlessly in a variety of public environments.

Bouncepad Slim, streamlined base
Bouncepad Slim, portrait or landscape modes

Portrait or Landscape

The Floorstanding Slim case can be mounted in portrait or landscape, making it adaptable to the needs of your content.

Smart Power Options

Cabling is hidden inside, keeping your device continually powered and your installation tidy. All Floorstanding Bouncepads come with a 2m-extension cable to run through the length of the pole.

Bouncepad Slim, cables are hidden inside

Match Your Application

Bouncepads can be mounted any way you want. Whether it'd be Desk, Wall or Free standing we make it adaptable to your application.

Bluncepad Slim components
Bouncepad Floorstand Slim Tablet Setup Kit


The camera is an accessory for the Bouncepad Slim

Bouncepad Rear Facing Camera

The Audio port is an accessory for Bouncepad Slim

Bouncepad Audio Port