Bouncepad Sumo

Bouncepad Sumo

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The strong yet beautiful tablet enclosure for high-traffic environments including quick service restaurants, malls, play areas and airports.

Simple fit & forget

Aerospace grade alloys, wide mounting points and heavy weight fixings ensure durability in the most challenging environments, maximising uptime and minimising call-outs.

Bouncepad Sumo, white, the front view
Bouncepad Sumo with locking system

Six-point Locking

Sumo’s unique Six Point Locking System ensures ultimate theft resistance, yet frees your tablet in an instant with our easy release access key.

Motion Stalk

The supple Sumo’s Motion Stalk allows users to play games, switch between apps and share the screen effortlessly.

Bouncepad Sumo with a rotating screen
Bouncepad Sumo is easy to clean

A dream to clean

Sumo’s overhanging faceplate design is easy to wipe clean and minimises gaps to prevent food and grime getting trapped inside.

Match Your Application

Bouncepads can be mounted any way you want. Whether it'd be Desk, Wall or Free standing we make it adaptable to your application.