Heckler AV Cart - Soundbar Kit

Heckler AV Cart - Soundbar Kit

Product SKU: HD-H520-B

Mounting Bracket for Soundbars

Bring theater-quality audio to your living room at home, or huddle and conference rooms in the office with Soundbar Kit. Mount your soundbar directly to Heckler TV Stand or Heckler AV Cart to make movies, presentations, and video conferences sound fantastic.

Easy Configure Assembly

Measure your soundbar. Select the appropriate hole positions. Hang Soundbar Kit behind your TV. It’s that easy. Soundbar Kit mounts directly to the hardware your Heckler TV Stand or AV Cart already uses, with a wide set of options for final mounting height.

Now Compatible with Heckler AV Cart

Spec out your Heckler AV Cart with Soundbar Kit to bring full-bodied, big room sound to your mobile TV cart. Heckler AV Cart features an integrated power strip, so your soundbar stays powered without the need to find an extra outlet. All excess cable length is managed in the channels of AV Cart’s vertical arms, with optional zip tie mounts.