Ink Tack Oval - Red and Yellow Ink

Ink Tack Oval

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Leading Solutions provides a variety of pin and accessory options directly complement our line of tag options, thus creating numerous options for protecting a wide-range of products. From lanyards to ink vials, our accessory line enables flexibility in protection for even the most challenging products.

The addition of the Ink Tack Tag will heighten the deterrence provided by your existing security tags by providing indelible ink. Add these Ink Tacks to your existing Anti-Shop Theft Tags to improve deterrence and reduce shoptheft. The Ink Tack Tag can be combined with any currently installed EAS Tagging System or used independently with a clutch or dome back lock.

This combination will provide alarm notification at the store exit (if using with an EAS System) and identification of in-store attempts of illicit tag removal.

Ink Tag with 2 colour ink red and yellow. Compatible with Clutch Back Lock OTCL188