Armourdog iPad Air 10.5 / Pro 10.5 Protective Case with Hand Strap

Armourdog iPad Air 10.5 / Pro 10.5 Protective Case with Hand Strap

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A protective case for iPad Pro/Air 10.5 (front view) with a shoulder strap

Durable & shockproof shoulder strap case for iPad Pro/Air 10.5

iPad hand-held case with carry strap. Compatible with the iPad Air 10.5 and the iPad Pro 10.5

The rugged case for the iPad Air/Pro 10.5 delivers a complete protection system without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. The perfect accompaniment to the iPad when being used in a business environment such as retail, queue busting, hospitality, healthcare etc. The thick, outer silicon wrap dissipates impact energy across a wide area, while innovative corner bumpers protect the iPad if it’s dropped, ‘screen down’.   

  • Hardened, Polycarbonate shell with impact absorbent silicon wrap for the iPad Pro 10.5 only
  • Ballistic Nylon hand and adjustable shoulder strap system
  • Cut-outs for charge port, camera, and speakers
  • Ergonomic hand-strap for landscape and portrait orientation by left and right handed staff
  • Innovative shoulder pouch for mPOS chip-and-pin payment devices
  • Tested to Military spec drop-test standard MIL STD 810G 516.6
  • Polycarbonate corner bumpers for screen protection
  • Integrated Kensington lock point

Extra Pouch

The removable shoulder strap pouch can be used to secure another device such as batter packs.

A shoulder strap pouch which can be assembled with other devices

Shoulder Strap

The removable shoulder strap is adjustable, padded, comfortable, and can be secured to each corner.

Adjustable shoulder strap attached to top and bottom right corners

Hand Strap

Our ergonomically designed, ballistic Nylon hand strap reduces fatigue when used for extended use in landscape or portrait orientation.

A hand strap helps to reduce fatigue

Instruction Guide

A protective case and a shoulder strap

The Shoulder strap case for the iPad delivers a complete protection system without
adding unnecessary bulk or weight. There are 4 main components to the case:

1) Silicon impact absorbing protective jacket
2) Hardened, polycarbonate inner shell with integrated kick stand
3) Hand pouch with 4 elasticated corner straps
4) Shoulder strap with phone or PED payment device holder

To ensure a correct fit, first remove the silicon jacket and insert your iPad into the hard
protective shell. Line the camera up with the hole in the shell and slide the Kensington
lock mechanism up so the iPad fits (then slide the lock back to hold the iPad in place.
Next, insert the hard shell into the silicon jacket. Take the time to press the silicon in
around the kickstand. Make sure the four curved corner posts fit in the appropriate holes
in the jacket.

Elasticated corner (top left) for better protection

Turn the iPad face down and rest the hand pouch on the back of the case, oriented as
per the picture below. Stretch the 4 elasticated corners of the hand strap over the corners
and pull them over the curved corner posts on the front of the case. Attach the shoulder
strap for either a portrait or landscape position. The pouch on the shoulder strap can be
used for a phone or PED, the small opening at the bottom of the pouch is a ‘thumb’ hole
to allow for quick removal of the device.

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