iPad Pro 11.0 1st Gen (2018) Shoulder Strap Case

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Protective case for iPad 11.0

Durable & shockproof shoulder strap case for iPad Pro 11.0 - 3rd Gen

The rugged case for the iPad Pro 11.0 delivers a complete protection system without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. The perfect accompaniment to the iPad when being used in a business environment such as retail, queue busting, hospitality, healthcare etc. The inner polycarbonate protective shell is remarkably strong, and locks the iPad in place with a latch that can be further secured with a Kensington lock if required. The thick, outer silicon wrap dissipates impact energy across a wide area, while innovative corner bumpers protect the iPad if it’s dropped, ‘screen down’. Our ergonomically designed, ballistic Nylon hand strap reduces fatigue when used for extended use in landscape or portrait orientation.

  • Adjustable hand and shoulder strap system
  • Cut-outs for charge port, camera, and speakers
  • Integrated kick-stand
  • Silicon corner bumpers for screen protection

Drop Proof

Thickened round corners for shatter-resistance and shock-absorption. 

Shock-absorbing case for iPad 11.0 rear view

Shoulder Strap

Detachable, and adjustable shoulder strap which supports your mobile application.

Black case for iPad 11.0 with shoulder strap, rear view

Hand Strap

The adjustable hand strap with rotating screen enables comfortable and secure handling of the iPad

Adjustable hand strap is placed on the rear of the iPad 11.0 case

Instruction Guide

Removing impact absorbing TPU Sleeve for iPad 11.0 case

Remove the impact absorbing TPU Sleeve. Don't be afraid it won't break. 

Separating the front and back sections of the hard shell of iPad 11.0 case

Separate the front and back sections of the hard shell 

All three parts of iPad 11.0 case separated

You should have 3 parts as per above picture. Place the iPad on top of A.

Clicking back the hard shell of the case for iPad 11.0

Clip back part B and C in order. 

The protective black case for iPad 11.0

Locate the hole for the shoulder strap which is on either of the 4 corners. Slot and adjust the strap to your need.

Rear view of black case for iPad 11.0

Shoulder Strap case is now ready to be used. 

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