iPad Wall Mount by Heckler Windfall

Product SKU: H481-B

Secure iPad Wall Enclosure & Display

Securely mount an iPad on any wall – with style. WindFall Wall Mount offers architectural-grade aesthetics, commercial-grade construction, and tamper-resistant assembly. WindFall Wall Mount is perfect for home automation, security camera monitoring, and music control. Pair with a PoE Splitter (sold separately) to keep your iPad powered throughout the day.

Modern Profile

Mounting an iPad in your environments need not result in your space looking like the set of a low-budget science fiction show. We've designed WindFall Wall Mount to be a welcome addition to impeccably designed interiors. Its heavy steel construction and minimalist aesthetics will look like an integral part of your environments.

Heckler iPad Wall Mount, white color, white color
Heckler iPad Wall Mount mounting system

Minimal Wall Damage

You shouldn't have to destroy your walls to securely mount an iPad. You can quickly and securely install WindFall Wall Mount with only two screw holes and one additional hole for the ethernet cable.

Keep Your iPad Cool

To ensure proper device cooling, WindFall Wall Mount is thoughtfully designed to maintain a constant flow of air over the entire rear surface of your iPad. As your device screen will likely be on non-stop, it's critical to protect against overheating.

Heckler iPad Wall Mount, ventilation system, white color


Powder Coated Steel

2 Years


Heckler iPad Wall Mount dimensions


Redpark adapter is an accessory for Heckler iPad Wall Mount

Redpark Gigabit-PoE Adapter


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