Tab Secure Flex Stand for iPad Pro 12.9 - 3rd/4th Gen

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Tab Secure Flex Stand for iPad Pro 12.9, black color, front view

Tab Secure Flex

Secure your tablet in style with the Tab Secure Tablet stands. This Flex mounted solution allows you to mount any tablet on any surface. Help your customers to help themselves when things get busy; put your tablets to work as an engaging tool and let it interact with your clients.

  • Internal specific tablet fitting kit 
  • Can be mounted in landscape or portrait mode
  • Tamper proof tubular lock with 2 keys
  • Kensington lock point for optional extended security
  • Radio-transparent chassis for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3/4G, and NFC
  • Available in Both Black and White

Secure Enclosure

Each enclosure is secured together by a high quality key and barrel.

Tab Secure Flex Stand for iPad Pro 12.9 is locable

Ground Support

Built from strong high grade aluminium alloy to support and secure your tablet. 

Tab Secure Flex Stand for iPad Pro 12.9 has a strong alloy

Future Proofing

Easily accommodate new tablet models by replacing the "old" blue rubber kits (and acrylic faceplate).

Tab Secure Flex for iPad Pro 12.9 is adjustable for future iPad models

What's In The Box

  • Tablet Fit Kits (1)
  • Flex Stalk (2)
  • Metal Facecover (3)
  • Acrylic Faceplate (4)
  • Enclosure (5)
  • Mounting Plate (6)
  • 4 x Mounting Screws (7)
  • 8 x Bolts (8)
  • Washer plate (9)
  • Pair of keys (10)
Tab Secure Flex Stand for iPad Pro 12.9 components

Total Control

Tab Secure stands can be mounted any way you want. Whether it'd be Desk, Wall or Free standing we make it adaptable to your application. The simple, solid design looks modern and stylish while conveying a clear message to would-be thieves.

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2m Right angled USB-C cable


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