Installation Tips for Your Tablet Kiosk

Installation Tips for Your Tablet Kiosk

So you’re installing a tablet kiosk at your retail store? These can be a great way to welcome customers into the store while also providing helpful information about where to go, and the kind of services your business offers.

But how do you install a tablet kiosk, or switch your Android tablet into kiosk mode? Here we’ll provide you with some installation tips.

How to Install Your Tablet Kiosk

Before starting the installation, take the time to read the tablet kiosk’s product datasheet.

It contains key information that will guide you through the process. Look for details such as different mounting methods based on surface depth, cable routing options, and more. You can find all the datasheets on the product pages and in our B2B portal.

Consider the Tablet Kiosk’s Environment

A crucial aspect of installation is considering the environment in which the tablet will be placed.

  • Pay attention to office light fixtures that may cause glare and hinder tablet usage.
  • Be mindful of rooms with large windows that may have direct exposure to the sun
  • Mounting Height: Properly adjusting the mounting height is essential for an optimal user experience. The ideal height varies depending on the tablet mount type and usage.
  • Mounting Hardware: When preparing for installation, take note of the mounting surface and ensure you have the necessary hardware. This will save time and ensure a secure installation.
  • Enclosed Options: Our enclosed options provide a snug fit for tablets. However, it's important to provide us with the tablet model to ensure that ports are accessible, buttons aren't pressed unintentionally, and cameras are unobstructed or can be covered if needed.
  • Power Cable Considerations: Don't overlook the power cable. We offer the correct right-angle charging cable with cable management options to keep everything tidy and organised.


Tablet Kiosk Support and Brand Compatibility

We work closely with suppliers to ensure that we offer support for the latest tablet models. If your preferred tablet model is not listed, please reach out to us for universal options or to inquire about future availability.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Not sure which tablet holder is right for you? Read our tips on choosing the right tablet holder for your business.

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