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2 Alarm Lanyard Tag 1220mm - Replaceable CR2032 battery

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This super lock '2 alarm' security tag with a replaceable battery is a robust security solution.

• Frequency: 58KHz

• Replaceable batteries

• Tough locking cable + superior plastic welds

• Secure battery compartment

• Will sound a low battery alert signal giving years of use and avoiding unprotected stock with flat batteries

• Alarm sounds if tag wire is cust, battery tampered with or if the tag passes through an EAS security gate


Battery: CR2032 Included. Frequency: 58KHz. Unit Dimension: 84.5x38x20mm. Lanyard Length: 1200mm

Regular price $13.23
Regular price Sale price $13.23

Our Promise To You

  • High Quality

    What's inside the tag matters! High quality ferrites and strong exterior casing features on all of our security tags.

  • Compatibility

    Complete assurance that the security tags will match the frequency of your existing gates. Talk to us for more information.