Indoor Convex Acrylic Mirror

Indoor Acrylic Mirror

Product SKU: 18072J

Wall Mounted Security Mirror

This very versatile mirror will adjust to any angle to allow optimal line of sight. This Indoor/Outdoor Acrylic mirror can be positioned to see around corners, aisles and partitions, in corridors and hallways or to view machinery. Ideal for store security, in warehouses, hospitals or any other situation where blind spots are present.


  • 2mm or 3mm acrylic mirror face
  • Pure reflective coating
  • ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) or vinyl back
  • Vinyl extrusion
  • Includes J-Bracket to fix to wall or ceiling (Mounting screws Not included)
  • 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 760mm, 900mm Diameter

Suitable Uses

  • Retail and Store Security
  • Office Security
  • Light Industrial Safety
  • Hospitals and Schools
  • Visitor Detection
  • Other Indoor Observation Uses

Installation Guide

  1. Decide the appropriate place to site the mirror to give maximum vision.

  2. Fix J-Bracket to wall or ceiling using suitable fixing hardware (ie: screws, bolts). Allowing enough room to get the mirror on to the J-Bracket.

  3. Thread adaptor into the back of the mirror

  4. Peel protective film off around the immediate edge of the mirror.

  5. Slide the adaptor and mirror over the J-Bracket and adjust mirror to the desired position.

  6. Tighten the locking bolt on the adaptor securely.


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