Anti Sweep Lock - Double Loop 40mm

Anti Sweep Lock - Double Loop 40mm


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Security Display Locking Hook

Anti Sweep Lock to secure Display Hooks. This model ASLOCKU-R is slightly smaller and compact version of the ASLOCKU-R-X. This product offers both security as a deterrent and flexibility for hooked merchandise. The small, durable tag allows retailers to both protect and openly merchandise product on a hook.

The Anti-Sweep Lock (or StopLok) provides retailers with an effective tool to counter grab and run shoplifting (sweeping); the Anti-Sweep Lock provides a secure lock for merchandise which is displayed on a hang-sell hook. Basically, any item on a hang-sell hook which is subject to high levels of shop theft. The Anti-Sweep Lock is a quality low cost alternative to electronic anti theft systems.

Leading Solutions provides a variety of pin and accessory options directly complement our line of tag options, thus creating numerous options for protecting a wide-range of products. From lanyards to ink vials, our accessory line enables flexibility in protection for even the most challenging products.

The Anti-Sweep Lock is ideal for the protection of small high value items, such as:

  • batteries

  • razor blades

  • mobile phone accessories

  • rechargers

  • powertool accessories

  • drills & router bits

  • medications

  • cold & flu tablets

  • condoms

  • trade tools

  • chisels, multimeters etc

Detacher sold separately.