Anti Sweep Lock - Super Lock

Anti Sweep Lock - Super Lock


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Anti Sweep Lock to secure Display Hooks. This product offers both security as a deterrent and flexibility for hooked merchandise. The small, durable tag allows retailers to both protect and openly merchandise product on a hook.

The Anti-Sweep locks are mainly used with Locking display hooks to display products and deter thefts in retail stores or other large shopping facilities.

The advantage of using this hook is tosecure your products without affecting the aesthetics and the customer's shopping experience.


Leading Solutions provides a variety of pin and accessory options directly complement our line of tag options, thus creating numerous options for protecting a wide-range of products. From lanyards to ink vials, our accessory line enables flexibility in protection for even the most challenging products.



  • Aperture Diameter: 6.5 mm diameter

  • Dimension: 54 x 20 x 23.5 mm

  • Colour: White


The Anti-Sweep Lock is ideal for the protection of small high value items, such as:

  • batteries

  • razor blades

  • mobile phone accessories

  • rechargers

  • powertool accessories

  • drills & router bits

  • medications

  • cold & flu tablets

  • condoms

  • trade tools

  • chisels, multimeters etc