Forstag Hang Sell Tag

Forstag Hang Sell Tag

Product SKU: FT-HS-58

Hanging Tag

Sleek and Secure. The Forstag Hang Sell Tag is an innovative locking system that is an "all-in-one" design that features retractable pins. It is designed to fit to different blister packed products. It's space-saving ability will fit easily on different shelves. 

Quick Lock Release

Place the Forstag on the detacher and it quickly releases. When the Forstag is released, it's pin retracts all the way back. To lock the Forstag, you have to push the button down.



Product Dimensions: 
55 x 42 x 32 mm

58 kHz (AM)  or 8.2MHz(RF) 

Lock Type
Super Strength




Product Weight:
17 g


PB/ABS Plastic, Toughened Stainless Steel

Black and White


Detacher with Lanyard


Standard Detacher


On Counter Mount


Forstag Padlock Tag - Slim


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