Generic Barcode Security Labels

Product SKU: ET

Designed to be inserted or stuck into plastic shrink wrapped or box packaging. AM Labels (Acousto-Magnetic) or AM Anti Shop-theft Labels are designed and manufactured to work withSensormatic® , UltraSensormatic Ultra*Max®, WG Systems®, ViTag®, Tag Company®, Gateway®, in fact every brand of AM anti shop theft system.

Small but with great detection performance, these AM Frequency Security labels are perfect for products such as cosmetics, perfume, packaged food, electronics, DIY, liquor and some other small items. Same quality adhesion and detection as the original. Our Generic Barcode Labels Labels are compatible with all Sensormatic and all other AM detection systems and security label deactivators.

  • Frequency 58 kHz

  • Quantity: 5000 Labels per box