Indoor Quarter Dome Acrylic Mirrors

Indoor Quarter Dome Acrylic Mirror

Product SKU: 18541H

Corner Mounted Security Mirror

The Quarter Dome Mirror is suitable for corridors or internal corners where there is a high risk of collision. This long life quality mirror is simple to install and at a very competitive price.

When space is at a premium in retail stores, the Quarter Dome is fitted to the ceiling in 90o corners for optimal viewing over shelving and fixtures.


  • 2mm or 3mm acrylic face
  • Pure reflective coating
  • Dome top screws for attaching to ceiling

Suitable Uses

  • Retail and Security surveillance
  • Safety in busy corridors
  • Right angle passageways in buildings
  • Reception areas
  • Above high shelving for 90observation

Installation Guide

  1. Decide the appropriate place to site the mirror to give maximum vision.

  2. Dome capped screws are supplied for fixing directly to the corner ceiling.

  3. After installation is complete, totally remove the protective film from the face.


Viewing Distance

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