Lanyard Tag - 175mm

Lanyard Tag - 175mm

Product SKU: OT610-175-58

175mm Lanyard tag

The tag's one piece construction significantly reduces tagging time and eliminates multiple storage bins and product purchases. AM Tags (Acousto Magnetic) and RF Tags (Radio Frequency) are designed and manufactured to work with ALL brands of AM (58kHz) or RF (8.2 MHz) frequency Anti Shop-theft Gates - including Sensormatic®.

Leading Solutions provides a variety of pin and accessory options directly complement our line of tag options, thus creating numerous options for protecting a wide-range of products. From lanyards to ink vials, our accessory line enables flexibility in protection for even the most challenging products.

AM Tag are also known as; EAS Tags (EAS = Electronic Article Surveillance).



  • Lock Type: Super Strength 3 Ball Lock

  • Frequency: AM 58 kHz or RF 8.2 MH

  • Colour: Black

  • Lanyard Length: 175mm