Magewell USB Capture SDI 4K Plus

Magewell USB Capture SDI 4K Plus

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The Pro Capture Family brings you the best quality, performance and value.

 The cards are compatible with both Windows and Linux so more A/V professional s can experience the incredible cards. You can find a model to meet your need, because Pro capture Family captures all the popular video signals. A FPGA is used for video processing and data transmission, greatly reducing CPU usage. Various features are included to improve the user experience so users can start to capture easily, and the cards maintain stable performance after long periods of use.

Auto Detection of Signal

When users plug in the cable, the card will automatically detect the input signal and link the audio input with the video input. The signal format is also analyzed so that users do not need to manually choose the video and audio to capture, nor select the resolution, frame rate, etc.

Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2
Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2

Support Most Audio and Video Standards

Users can capture signals from almost every SDI output device, such as high-end video cameras (HD/3G-A SDI), switchers (3G-B SDI) and movie cameras (2K SDI). With the help of the Pro Capture Family, you will no longer find capturing non-standard signals to be a problem. Users can type in the resolution of non standard VGA to correctly capture the video. Manual adjustment of VGA timing is also possible. In terms of audio, both compressed and uncompressed formats are supported.


Video Interface

Input Interface: 
SD/HD/3G/2K/6G SDI x 1
Support Input Resolution up to 4096x2160 pixels.
Host Interface 
USB 3.0
Loop-Through Interface:
SD/HD/3G/2K/6G SDI x 1
Support Loop-Through resolution up to 4096x2160
Audio Input Surface:
3.5mm jack for Line In.
Audio Output Surface:
3.5mm jack for Line Out.

Video Engine

8-bit video processing 
Deinterlace, Cropping
Colour Adjustment
Color Space Coversion
Up/Down Conversion
Mirror and Flip
Aspect Ration Conversion

Signal Detection& Support

Auto Detection of Input Signal Format

Software Environment

Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS
Driver Firmware
Driver Free, Updateable Firmware
Included Software:

USB Capture Utility, Capture Express
Compatible Software
50+ (Click here to check software)


Multiple Devices on One Host
Windows & Linux SDK
Continuously Work for 24hx7
2-year Warranty
High-Speed Memory
LED Status Indicator

Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2

Software Included

Magewell provides simple applications and software tools to simplify your process of verifying the input signals and capture devices, enhance your efficiency in using a third party software or technology and make your streaming and recording experience easier.

Capture Express

Capture Express offers a simple, dedicated tool for recording, previewing and streaming one-channel input source. Users can run up to 9 instances simultaneously and leverage the capability of Magewell hardware in processing input sources and GPU in accelerating H.264 encoding for local recording and RTMP streaming.

USB Capture Utility

USB Capture Utility is designed for users of USB Capture (Plus) to verify the status of capture devices and input sources, make settings for video captured by the hosting machine and export necessary information for troubleshooting.

Plugin for premiere

Users who need to use capture devices in their post production will find Magewell Plugin for Premiere® makes the combination much easier. It saves their hassles in sourcing a third party software to do the recording by giving them the direct access to Magewell’s capture device through Adobe® Premiere® Pro.

bridge for ndi

This software tool serves as an easy and reliable bridge to the AV-over-IP world powered by the technology of NDI®. Besides the capability of encoding NDI streams, which benefits users of Magewell capture devices, it can also pair with standalone NDI decoders, such as Pro Convert for NDI to HDMI.

Ultra stream app

Recording, previewing and streaming are made further easier by this intuitive App for users of Ultra Stream. It works even when you have no access point in the local network. Video clips can be recorded to internal storage, a USB flash drive or the associated smartphone.

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